For as long as I can remember, I have always been fond of cooking and baking. The simple fact that a few basic ingredients can come together and turn into something so amazing has always fascinated me. It was this fascination that prompted me to go behind the curtain and take a look at the secrets. I was no longer just satisfied with the tricks; I wanted to be the magician.

As a kid, I have fond memories of being excited by the fragrance of freshly baked goodies in bakeries. As I grew older, that excitement was fulfilled by cooking and baking videos on the internet. It wasn’t before long that I was trying my hand at it, but I always imagined it as a hobby. I completed my graduation, followed by double masters in marketing. This led to 6 years in advertising, during which this passion ended up getting pushed into the background. But it remained, calling me out, and I knew I had to get back to it sooner or later.

I got married and a year after, ended up taking a 2-month sabbatical for a professional pastry chef course. I created an Instagram page to post my recipes and trials. But the course had opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me and now, I wanted to spread the joy of baking to others. I found a place to start taking classes during weekends, while I slogged during weekdays at my workplace. The baking kept me sane through all the pressure and I knew that I was on to something big.

And then, Covid struck.

All of a sudden, hands-on classes weren’t safe anymore. After teaching nearly 500 students in a year, I ended up shutting down my space. At the same time, I underwent a job change, to another agency. This gave me some great opportunities and clients to work with. Cut to four months later, with zero baking to account for, I knew a part of me was crying out for help and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. It was time to give this gig up for good and dive headlong into my first love – baking.

I opened a small studio again, but this time, my focus was different. I baked my products and started selling them. Responses started trickling in. People started showing interest, which soon turned into a number of repeat orders. This was turning into something that I wanted to pursue with all my heart and soul. I decided to give up my addictive monthly salary for good, after six years.

I am still learning and discovering. The excitement keeps me going. Most importantly, the happiness and smiles of people makes me want to work harder and constantly try out new things. With the firm belief that only the best version of these recipes should be served to my consumers, I only use premium quality ingredients, while maintaining complete safety and hygiene. This not only helps you, my consumer, enjoy a great product, but also binge without worrying.

The road ahead is long, but I have my cakes and brownies for company. And as they say, what is life, if not the company of hugs and brownies? 🙂 P.S. – Like my story? I would love to hear back from you! Write to me at [email protected] You can also follow my latest adventures at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Loads of love:)