Eggless Cookies E-Book


This e-book will help you in:
– Expanding your cookies menu with 20 fail proof recipes
– Understanding of science of cookie baking



This E-Book is for anyone who wants to ace the cookies game! A book with 20 recipes made to perfection

The following recipes are included in the e-book:

1. Monster chocolate chunk cookie
2. Subway style double chocolate chunk frisbee
3. Triple Chocolate chunk frisbee
4. Red Velvet and white chocolate frisbee of your dreams
5. Chocolate Crinkle Cookie
6. Marble Butter Cookie
7. Nutter Butter Cookie
8. Melting Moments
9. Almond crescent Cookie
10. Melt in mouth custard cookie
11. Coffee bean cookie
12. Rose and Pistachio naan khatai
13. BBM Special ode to south Indian savoury cookie
14. Almond Pistachio Florentines
15. Nutella Cassack
16. Brookies
17. Vanilla Shortbread Cookies
18. Oats and Raisins Cookies
19. Lemon Cookies
20. Almond Raisin Biscottis