Eggless Tea Cakes E-Book


This one e-book will change the way you look at e-books. It has 40+ pages full of knowledge, science and what not.



It will include the following:
1. Science behind ingredients, details about ingredients, techniques, variations, shelf life, baking conditions etc.
2. More than 20 fool-proof recipes that you’d need to ace your tea-cakes game
3. All these are my business recipes and you can rely on them
4. If you’re a professional baker, home baker, hobby baker, housewife or a student, you can take this course
5. If you struggle with tea-cakes, it’s a game changer for you

Why should you buy this course?
– Everything eggless
– Easily available ingredients
– Beginner to advance level recipes
– Endless variations
– Access to BBM Community

Recipes covered:
1. Vanilla Walnut Tea- Cake
2. Banana Cinnamon Tea Cake
3. Plum Cake(With rum/juice)-With curd
4. Plum Cake(With rum/juice)-Without curd
5. Wheat and Jaggery Tea-Cake
6. Rose Pistachio
7. Orange Almond
8. Mocha Walnut
9. Lemon Blueberry
10. Sugartree vanilla
11. Marble Loaf
12. Berry and Dry fruit Blast
13. Mango Almond
14. Moist Lemon
15. Strawberry and Hot Milk
16. Swedish Toscakaka
17. Pineapple Upside Down
18. Vanilla Nutella
19. Vegan Chocolate
20. Pumpkin Spice
21. Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting
22. Victoria’s sponge with frosting
23.Triple chocolate chunk
24. Russian Honey Cake

Details on fruit soaking in Christmas cake also mentioned.

It has all the recipes I aced in the last 4 years and would be a great great source of menu enhancement for you!